Network Infrastructure

As manufacturers begin to digitize and leverage their data, there is an increasing demand for connectivity and networking between industrial devices and systems.

It is important to have an understanding of your current network infrastructure and how future equipment installation can be supported. Metromotion Control’s provide the following services:

    • Consultation with on-site engineers and IT personnel on existing site standards, plans for future expansion and best practises

    • On-site investigation to map out existing OT network infrastructure

    • Develop an OT network road map and standards documentation

    • Installation and integration of industrial networking equipment (Switches, Routers)

    • Planning and implementation of large network upgrades

    • Provide secured remote access to OT network

    • Maintenance and support of OT networks, we can act our clients behalf with equipment vendors and contractors to ensure they adhere to site standards

Servers & Software Maintenance

    • Assessment of existing servers (patch management, resource consumption)

    • Upgrading legacy unsupported operating systems

    • Installation and migration of new servers (SCADA, Engineering applications)

    • Migration of application to a different revision (Upgrade or downgrade)

Disaster Recovery & Backup

Historians and server based applications are critical to the operation of the modern factory. 

We help our clients prepare for failure events that could result in unplanned downtime and loss of data.

    • Setup redundant configuration of applications and databases for zero downtime recovery

    • Backup and/or disaster recovery of SQL Servers and Historian