Project Description

Greenfields Whole Milk Separation Plant

We can take care of the whole lot

While the new separation plant was a Greenfields factory, it was constructed next to, and had to interface with an existing process. The supply of skim milk and cream from the new facility had to interface with all the processes in the existing plant. The control system also had to be built on the same fundamental platform.

Our project scope included;

  • Site power upgrade including new mains design and procurement of HV equipment
  • Building services and process power distribution
  • Instrument selection and procurement
  • PLC and SCADA programming of the whole process including separator supply, cream thermalising and CIP system.
  • Factory wide automation integration including process and site services
  • Commissioning and ongoing around the clock support both on site and remotely

The project was commissioned and ready for the peak yearly production of 300,000L of whole milk per day.